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27 May 2017
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We make learning and teaching English enjoyable and up-to- date using the latest computer technologies. How would you like to learn English and play an exciting, interactive and competitive game? Well, now you can with Viva Lexico's CALL software. - FREE DEMO COPY AVAILABLE.

  Hex Lex is an enjoyable game with a huge range of input of words, phrases and contextualised items. Two players compete to take control of the game board. It's competitive, addictive and enjoyable!


Try Hex Lex for yourself! Download a free demo of six games to play Hex and Trix.

Click here!

Trix for Phrasal Verbs
is the first of Viva Lexicos games concentrating on specialised areas of English. As every Intermediate student of English knows, Phrasal Verbs are an important part of the language but are difficult to learn. Here is a wonderful way to learn and practise them! Just click for help with the meaning and use of the 45 particles added to the verbs.




Trix for Connectors
Connectors are the words and phrases that join ideas to make logical, coherent text. Learn and practise hundreds of these items in an enjoyable game. Trix for Connectors has a total of 80 games to play alone, in pairs or as a team. It is divided into four sections: Grammar and Meaning, Lexis, Reference and Textual. The level is suitable for students at Intermediate above, especially those who need to read and write texts for professional or academic purposes.





Trix for Business English
is divided into three Challenges, each of twenty five games, and progressively more demanding. Learn and practise a huge range of business language in a most enjoyable game, suitable for pre-service and in-service learning.





Trix for Academic Study
is divided into three Challenges, each of 25 progressively more demanding games. Learn a huge range of academic language - ideal for IELTS. Play Trix with a partner, as a team game in class, or individually against the clock. There are ninety themed games involving lexical collocations, phrasal verbs, frequently-used idioms, grammatical collocations, definitions, and various sorts of meaning and nuance all in the realm of academic English.




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